Beautiful  Upper South Long Lake)

Dear loyal guests and friends,

After over 80 years of business, Noka Sippi Resort will no longer be in operation after this 2015 season. We have had the good fortune to make wonderful friends and enjoy the delightful families who have stayed with us over the last 20 plus years. Keeping the cabins and grounds up to our standards is getting harder for these old bodies to do, so we are retiring.

The resort has been turned into Nokasippi Shores HOA. We will finish building the new twinhomes on the east side that are for sale. When sold, we will tear down the Reunion Cabin and replace it with a new 3-bedroom home also for sale. And finally, we will remodel the office/house into a 3-bedroom home.

We appreciate and want to thank all our guests--now friends-- who have stayed with us the past 20 years, for being some of the best people in the world. We will miss you all, but there comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to make a change. Ours is retirement.

Thank you!

Dave and Debbie Logue

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